shivratri and jimjam

hey there,

today is maha shivratri, and simply it's hard to believe another year has passed so quickly. how fast it goes. here sitting on my roof and it made me think about lots of things that did happen last year, including some of the most memorable moments of my life. among them is the story of jimjam, which never fails to make me smile. if you know the story behind it, don't laugh. 

also if I count last year to this year, it also counts as a year of me not doing anything. by anything i meant not working for any company. it's not clear why I chose this path, or perhaps it chose me.

but the most important thing which comes into play on this auspicious day is bhakti. and I am here to talk about one such kind of bhakti that my friends and I did last year. in case you are wondering that it is what all engineers are known for then that is wrong and you get it all wrong.

so it begins like this, some of my batchmates were fasting and they need to have prasad before they can eat anything. this time, the prasad was bhang. bhang. such a cute word but its state management is more reactive than react js. 

for starters, i wasn't someone who had gone anywhere near bhang before, so didn't even had any clue about the magic it does. i heard all kinds of stories before but who is able to remember when the magic takes place. so when prasad is offered to you, then you happily accept. and i accepted twice. 

one thing about this is that you can never tell about the capacity because you won't be able to see anything different at first. it brings its magic so slowly at first and all of it at once. but one thing about this whole time is you will be able to know what is happening. who is saying what and what you are saying. 

when all of this was happening i forget that somehow anything with sugar will increase its effect. so kids, avoid anything which has sugar in it at all costs. i.e. jimjam, chocolates, and cadbury dairy milk.

craziness goes to the moon and we all started talking stuffs and all of sudden we thought to order food as no one is in the state to make something or bring the vegetables to eat. so zomato it. we had an auction round to determine who would contribute what. by the time the food came, i slept. but all who eat that order said that is the best zomato food they ever had there and I missed it. I guess i should have not eaten the jim jam. 

when I started writing it, it felt like yesterday that we were all in the final year of our engineering degree, enjoying the last few months of college life. and this year we are all in different places, doing the work or looking to do better in life. indeed all of a sudden i can relate to the dialogue of dil chahta hai. 

February 19, 2023


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