before sunrise

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You know how I keep scrolling the reels and how the minor break of 10 min becomes 30 mins. Being myself in the tech field, I still keep getting doped. so a few days back I came across this reel and I can't explain how beautiful that scene was, if I didn't forget to save it I could have linked it here... sometimes some things. Even though I wasn't looking forward to watching this movie but those lines were good, and anyway, it is Sunday so I watched.

I think it will be better if I just spell it out here, so it is something about our journey. Like, remember there are many peoples with whom we cross paths some knowingly some unknowingly. But of all those people we find someone very special with whom the connection is so strong that we remember them for the rest of our lives. These friendships can be so inspiring and impactful that it even has the power of changing the course of our lives. 

So the movie - before sunrise, is a great example of a that once in a lifetime friendship. The two main characters, Jesse and Celine somehow cross each other's path when they were traveling on a train and choose the spend the night together in Vienna. Jesse had one night to stay in as he has to catch the flight the next day and they had time to discuss with each other until sunrise and anything could happen before they had to separate.  

But as we know with every good thing sometimes something happens and keeping distance between these friends often means that we never see them again. This is very disappointing, but I guess it can be a good thing too. Sometimes, the memory of that brief encounter can be more powerful than a long friendship that may lose its spark over time. We are indefinitely unsure as to what might have been possible if we had been together. Some ifs and buts.

Overall it is really a good movie and does a great job of capturing the magic of those brief and impactful connections, and it will definitely make you reflect back to your own once in a lifetime friendships. 

I guess I thought to share it anyway over the web, and there are two more movies in this series if I get time I will be watching those for sure.


December 11, 2022


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