ashes, headingley and stokes

cricket is that kind of game that makes you jump often in 19th or 49th over. but the real heart of cricket lies in test cricket, the oldest form of the game. this format never fails to entertain, with four possible outcomes: a win, a loss, a draw, or a tie. there are many popular series in test but the ashes is something which is always full of excitement, surprises and courage. 

ashes is played between england and Australia. in this series, we have a player who stands above all. ben stokes. a true gem of english cricket. with the bat, with the ball, and in the field, he always leaves us amazed.

plays cricket with great energy. scores runs, takes wickets, and makes catches look easy. also has a fighting spirit, and a never-give-up attitude. this makes him an inspiration to his team and to fans like us.

we all remember that game in the 2019 ashes. england needed 359 runs to win, a tough task. but stokes didn't give up. he scored 135 runs without getting out and took england to a fantastic win.

July 08, 2023


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